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How Crypto Currency Is Finding A Place In War Of Crypto’s In-Game?

How Crypto Currency Is Finding A Place In War Of Crypto’s In-Game?

War of Crypto (WoC) announced that its in-game ERC-1155 token would be portrayed as a character. The blockchain-based PVP multiplayer gaming firm said that it would be called as Daagon and pointed out that it will come with a “Golden Potato Skin.”However, the company has capped the number of copies at a maximum of ten of this hero. At the same time, every copy will consists of 10,000 in Enjin coin.


War of Coin indicated that one out of 11 rare heroes would be made available in its pre-sale. The company said that those heroes would be the first to ever go on sale, i.e. ERC-115 tokens. Interestingly, Enjin Coin, another company engaged in the digital currency sector, is backing some of the first virtual assets. The pre-sale of characters would start in about a week’s time as the company will not only provide heroes but also skins. Those things could be attained only with the help of peer-to-peer market and that too after the pre-sale is completed.

Daniel Matias CEO, Lucille Games, said that the company has taken a decision to extend its support to 300,000 Enjin Coin to certify pre-sale items value. The CEO pointed out that the coins are worth about $30,000 when it was created. In any case, the company claimed that this is the first time that a digital coin is used the way WoC has used. The crypto finding a place in a game only suggested as to how much the digital coin has reached and could evolve itself.

Special Skins

Lucille Games said, “Only 1,500 pre-sale heroes with special skins will be created, and they will not be reproduced after they’ve sold out. Considering that an ecosystem of potentially more than 100,000 users post-Beta will generally hold millions of heroes, these pre-sale items will be insanely rare and valuable to our player base.” A report in said, Enjin Coin as a currency could be compared with that a blockchain items standard of digital gold.

If any enterprise wants to use the digital coin’s kit, then an amount of the virtual currency could be put inside every item. This is required mainly to certify that it was developed with the toolkit of Enjin. This will help to plug into the ecosystem of the virtual asset and gets the support of ERC-115 for compatibility purposes. This included wallet apps, smart contracts, scaling solutions, APIs, and blockchain explorers.

Secondary Utility

The ENJ coil expects to provide investors with an assured value as a secondary utility that is stored within their items. The company indicated that fiat currency, ethereum and ENJ will be accepted for the War of Crypto Team pre-sale. Investors could also acquire crystals during the pre-sale period.

After acquiring, the crystals will convert into random unique heroes. Such heroes will be equipped with exclusive skins. The company disclosed that the items could be available for sale in the open market too for more money. At the same time, such skins are rarely available and could never be created after the pre-sales.

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